Teaching Staff


Mr Andy Mitchell

Head Teacher responsible for strategic direction and performance and standards

Andy has been a head teacher for the last 17 years of a 30 year teaching career. He believes passionately, that every child can succeed with the right level of challenge, support and determination. He is very committed to system leadership and collaboration and was responsible for successfully opening the new Heathcote Primary School on behalf of the Community Academies Trust in 2017. Andy leads a new Initial Teacher Training Partnership (ITTP) with several other local schools and Warwick University and is looking forward to welcoming new graduate teachers to the partnership.
When he is not in school he likes to be in the mountains or hiking in the Lakes. He is a keen cyclist and has ridden the first stage of the Tour de France course in Yorkshire, the Birmingham velo and the 312 in Majorca. More recently he has taken his bike to the French Alpes and rode up several iconic climbs including Alpe d'Huez.

Mrs Sian Stevens

Deputy Head

Mrs Stevens is the Deputy Head and has a responsibility for the quality of teaching and learning, children's behaviour and pastoral care.
In her spare time, Sian loves music and plays the flute. She also enjoys taking her cockapoo puppy Cooper out for walks. Sian sometimes likes to go cycling but only when the weather is fine. She will profess that she is not the keen, avid cyclist that Mr Mitchell is and will avoid all hills and mountains wherever possible.

Mrs Sarah Barlow

Assistant Head and class teacher in Year 5

Mrs Barlow is the Assistant Head and is responsible for curriculum design and assessment and shares class teaching responsibilities in Year 5 with Mrs Stevens. During the holidays, she enjoys family outings and trips, including an annual visit to her childhood holiday destination of Skegness. As well as being an avid Nottingham Forest supporter, in her spare time, she also enjoys reading, swimming, cycling, cooking (but prefers to eat out!) and travelling. Recently, the Barlow family have welcomed Oakley, a new canine member of the household, who is already making himself at home!


Ms Justine Valentine

Class teacher and EYFS Leader

Ms Valentine is the new EYFS leader. She enjoys working with her friends and colleagues creating a full and rich learning experience for the children at Woodloes. In her spare time you will find her in her trusty T5 campervan 'Rodney' with dub dog Beryl driving out to open spaces for a cuppa and a walk no matter what the weather. She also tries to spend as much time with her beloved son,Jack, who has just left to join the Royal Marines at the age of 17.

Mrs Emma Connelly

Class teacher in Reception

Mrs Connelly is a class teacher in Reception. She has worked in a range of key stages and loves the excitement and creativity of Early Years. A keen traveler and nature lover, she tries spend as much time teaching in the great outdoors as possible.


Miss Natalie Lyons

Class teacher in Year 1.

Miss Lyons is a class teacher in Year 1 and also has responsibility for the computing curriculum at Woodloes. She enjoys travelling to new places, going to the cinema and singing along to the latest music (some might say out of tune!) She loves anything that makes her laugh - especially her own jokes!

Miss Claire Winstanley

Class teacher in Year 1.

Miss Winstanley is new to Year 1 and is looking forward to forming an exciting new team with the children and Miss Lyons. Having grown up on a farm, Miss Winstanley has a passion for all wildlife and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the children about weird and wonderful creatures - such as 5W's class degus Whizz and Stumpy.
Miss Winstanley enjoys going for long walks in the countryside and her favourite country is Iceland, which she has visited on a number of occasions, and where she is planning to return to get married.

Mrs Helen May

Class teacher in Year 2 and English Subject Leader

Mrs May works 4 days per week in Year 2 and shares her class with Mrs Lambert who covers the other day. She is also the English subject leader for the whole school.
Mrs May loves planning the creative curriculum, using amazing children's books as inspiration. She is an avid reader herself and enjoys using new books and authors to inspire a love of reading in her class. When she is at home, Mrs May can be found redecorating her house with retro style wallpapers and colours: Orla Kiely is one of her favourites!

Miss Ingrid Hancox

Class teacher in Year 2

Miss Hancox has previously worked in Reception and is looking forward to forming a new partnership with the children in Year 2 with Mrs May. On the weekends, Miss Hancox enjoys visiting friends and family across the UK. She enjoys listening to all types of music and playing anything she can on her guitar.


Miss Julia De Araujo

Class teacher in Year 3

Miss De Araujo has an interest in special educational needs and modern foreign languages (Portuguese is her first language!). She is also a keen musician who loves teaching music /singing, playing the piano and is learning to play the ukelele.

Miss Sophie Gabel

Class teacher in Year 3

Miss Gabel has just joined Woodloes and is working with Miss De Araujo to teach Year 3. We are delighted that she has joined our team and everyone has given her a warm Woodloes welcome!

Mrs Alison Skirvin

Class Teacher in Year 4

Mrs Skirvin teaches in Year 4 for 4 days per week, with Mrs Madan covering the extra day. Mrs Skirvin has a responsibility for GDPR and has a further responsibility for the development of the history and geography curriculum. In her spare time, she is also a keen swimmer and she regularly competes in Masters galas.

Miss Ella Tresadern

Class Teacher in Year 4

Miss Tresadern is a class teacher in Year 4. Miss Tresadern likes adventuring to new places and loves to find out if there are any fascinating historical facts or artefacts to explore. She also loves animals including her fat, ginger tom cat, Monty. Miss Tresadern also has a love of bees, you may spot some around her classroom! In her spare time she loves to read and be creative.

Mrs Jas Madan

Part time class teacher in Year 4

Mrs Madan will be working for 2 days per week in Year 4. She enjoys spending time with her family and baking with the children. She also likes yoga and going to the theatre.

Miss Ellie Goodrick

Class teacher in Year 5

Miss Goodrick is new to Year 5 and is looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from the class that she taught in Year 3. She is looking forward to forming a high performing team with all the Year 5 pupils and Mrs Barlow.

Mrs Sunny Khaira

Class teacher in Year 6 and maths subject leader

Mrs Khaira teaches in Year 6 and leads maths across the school. She has a pet gerbil called Bolt who is always up to mischief in her classroom.
In her spare time, she enjoys keeping fit at the gym, reading books - she loves a gripping psychological thriller, and listens to a range of music. Mrs Khaira enjoys spending time with her family and playing board games such as Trivial Pursuit where she is determined to beat her son one day!

Miss Joanna Younghusband

Class Teacher in Year 6

Miss Younghusband joined Woodloes in 2019 and loves being a class teacher with our exciting topics and broad curriculum. She is originally from Ireland and taught English in Vietnam before moving to Warwickshire. She enjoys hiking and in her spare time she can also be found cycling, playing tennis, running and cooking for friends and family.

Mrs Tina Lambert


Mrs Lambert works part time and will be leading our provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities. She will also be teaching for 1 day per week in Year 2 with Mrs May.

She enjoys cycling, walking and camping (preferably glamping) with her family.

Mr Keir Mitchell

Forest Schools Leader

An experienced teacher, Keir now runs the all-age forest school programme at Woodloes. He has published articles on his work and prides himself on the levels of personal responsibility, safety, self-fulfilment and social development that the children are able to achieve through child initiated learning in the sessions and the consequent benefits to their self esteem and future well being