Woodloes Primary School Music Curriculum


At Woodloes Primary School, we value music as a true, international language which we can use practically and creatively to enhance the lives and learning of all children.  


Children are encouraged to consider the powerful benefits of music within our community and society and are actively involved in musical performances, hearing music from around the world that will inspire their own compositions.  We teach music to promote creative ability and enjoyment for all pupils. Music can also develop self-confidence, physical co-ordination and the skills of communication and co-operation.  


Pupils also get the opportunity to choose to learn a musical instrument; educational research has provided strong evidence that instrumental lessons have a positive effect on other areas of learning and achievement.



We teach the National Curriculum supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression to effectively deliver a broad and exciting music curriculum that is accessible to all children.


Music is planned and taught through our whole school scheme, The Kapow Primary Scheme, which enables our pupils to gain skills across the Interrelated Dimensions of music:


  •          listening
  •          singing
  •          notation
  •          improvising,
  •          composing,
  •          performing
  •          instrumental skills


The Kapow Primary Scheme is used by teachers to deliver exciting and effective lesson sequences which are reflected in our long plans. These music lessons are taught in half-termly blocks and enable a progression in knowledge and skills.


To broaden the children’s musical exposure beyond our class teaching, we work with Warwick-A Singing Town and encourage children to attend Young Voices performing throughout the year in musical productions and concerts. Musical opportunities and experiences are provided for all pupils.



On-going assessment of pupils through teacher observation and discussion and takes place throughout the academic year. Children are assessed against age related expectations by their class teacher. The results of these assessments are recorded and used to inform judgements linked to attainment and progress, and assessments linked to age related expectations are shared with parents/carers in the end of year report.  In addition, Instrumental CMS teachers provide yearly written reports.


The impact of the Music curriculum at Woodloes is overseen by the Music subject leader, who is responsible for monitoring the standard of children’s work and for the quality of teaching in music. Monitoring is by observation, discussion and overseeing of planning.


During the Deep Dive process, evidence is provided through pupil interviews, lesson visits, teacher questionnaires and learning walks. Evidence for Music may also take the form of written work, sound recordings and videos when appropriate.

Long-Term Plan

Music Long Term Plan.pdf

Skills and Knowledge Progression

Music Progression of Skills and Knowledge.pdf