Behaviour and Anti-Bullying at Woodloes

Positive Behaviour and Relationships
Keeping our children safe and promoting positive behaviour is of paramount importance at Woodloes. In our last Ofsted inspection, the pupil's behaviour and attitudes were judged outstanding which illustrates the importance we place on developing strong positive relationships, having high expectations and the effectiveness of our policies in this area.
The Covid pandemic has had a big impact on the behaviour and attitudes of some children in schools and across society as a whole and we are working very hard with our children and families to ensure that high standards and positive, respectful relationships are promoted and maintained at all times.
This dedicated page explains our approach and provides further information to help parents understand the strategies we are using to promote positive behaviour and keep our children safe.

Behaviour and Relationships Policy.pdf

Anti-bullying Policy.pdf

Child-on-child Abuse Policy.pdf

Keeping Children Safe from Bullying
We regularly revisit definitions of what bullying is and what it is not. It is a very important and potentially emotive issue so it is essential to have a consistent understanding across our school community.
We have regular assemblies to discuss this and every year, in November we take part in the National Anti-Bullying week campaign.
We regularly check in with the children to see how they are feeling and if there are any issues or concerns we revisit some of this work together and explore some of the issues in more depth in class discussions.
We have also recently launched our Playtime Pals project which involves  pupils helping each other to enjoy happy, safe playtimes. They have received training and have presented assemblies to make expectations clear to the other children about how they will help everyone to enjoy their playtime and stay safe.
Some Examples of our work together in Assemblies

Keeping safe at Woodloes. Anti-bullying assembly April 24.pptx

You matter, we care Sept 23.pptx

Useful Links to Resources for Parents

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