School Closures

In the event of the school having to close due to adverse weather, we will notify the local authority and confirmation of this should be posted on their website within 20 minutes of notification. You can also listen to local radio stations, who, at regular intervals, will list the local schools that are closed.

A service that is also available is Warwickshire’s free school closure text message service. Once a parent/guardian has registered, it will automatically issue a text message if the school has to close. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up online at the above website and up to three schools can be selected by each user. This service runs from September to July, so you would need to sign up again at the start of September. At the same website, you can also sign up to receive email alerts.

In addition to the above, parents/guardians can also keep in touch with emergency school closures through


In the unlikely event of heavy snow we would advise you to listen to:-

  • BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 94.8FM, 103.7 FM, 104 FM
  • Free Radio 97 & 102.9 FM
  • Free Radio Birmingham 96.4 FM & Capital Gold 1152 AM
  • Heart FM 100.7 FM
  • Touch FM 102.0 FM
  • Rugby FM 107.1 FM
  • Touch Radio FM 107.3 FM