Late Spring Treasure 23/4/20

I'm afraid that most of the plants on this treasure hunt have finished flowering now, but you can try again next year, and there will be more to look for in a future session.
Good morning.  And what a beautiful morning not to have to sit in school!  Let's get straight on with a story today and perhaps you can go out early for your excercise and try the treasure hunt below!
The Hard Way:
Take the map (below, without numbers) below and the Plant Fact Cards (above) and a piece of paper with you. 
Search all around the areas on the map (keeping 2m away from everyone).
Every time you spot one of the plants on the sheet, note where you found it and add the points to your total.  For example, if you see 35 Deadnettles you get 35x2=70 points! 
Work out and add up you score.
For an extra 1000 points email (or drop a letter into school) to say how you got on.
Since we stopped going to school a month ago the plants around us have changed enormously, They really are separated by emerging at different times! 
That's the thing,
With the Spring,
Before you know it everything,
Has changed, like magic; zap p'ding!
So this week the treasure is late Spring plants that can be found in the green spaces around Woodloes (and elsewhere in and around Warwick).
There are three ways to do the treasure hunt (you can choose how to do them, you can even do them on three different days if you want):
The Easy Way: 
Take the map below with you on a phone, tablet or printed on paper.  Find the numbered places on the map and see if you can find the same plants that I found there.
The Super-Hard-Heros-Only way:
Go to a different green place with an adult (perhaps Priory Park, Warwick Race Course or to the places on the animal hunt map from two weeks ago - it's still below) and make your own map of where to find the plants on the cards. 
For an extra 1000 points email (or drop a letter into school) to say how you got on.
For an extra 5000 points email (or drop a letter into school) with your map with the plants marked on it. 
Happy Hunting!
Keir Mitchell
Email:, or via your year-group e-mail.
In case you missed it left the video about how to keep everyone safe while you are out and about in the street or in the park is below: