Year 5

Autumn Term 2020
Year 5 Remote Learning
If you are self-isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms within your household, please inform the school office and we will share the Year 5 learning activities below.
Please remember that if you need to contact us, you can do so via the Year 5 email address ( and we will respond as soon as possible.  However, if you need an immediate response, please contact the school office.
Kind regards,
The Year 5 Team

Year 5 Suggested Remote Learning Timetable

 If you would like to follow a similar timetable to the one we will be following in school, please find some suggested timings for your daily activities below.

Year 5 suggested activity timetable

Suggested daily duration of activity


Try to read non-fiction as well as fiction.

Around 30 minutes each day


Have a go at one of the Just Dance or Zumba dances we have explored in school (e.g. 'Waka Waka' and 'I like to move it') each day.  Practise other sports linked skills, e.g. throwing and catching.

Around 30 minutes each day


Use the different spelling strategies to practise your spellings.  Ask someone in your family to check if you can spell them.


Can you include at least 2 of your spellings each week in conversations with your family?

Around 20 – 30 minutes each day


Complete the given tasks.  Remember to read through your work and edit it to increase the accuracy of your spelling and punctuation.

Up to about 1 hour


Complete the given tasks.  If you find it tricky, explore it on one of the suggested websites (e.g. Bitesize), or if you have understood it and completed it before the end of your daily maths session, go on a maths website to further your learning.

Up to about 1 hour

Additional activities

Complete the given additional activities.  You can also continue with the topic linked homework tasks or set yourself (and practise) a personal challenge.



Please note that this is just a suggested timetable if you are feeling well enough to access the activities. 

Take care
Year 5 Remote Learning Activities 
Ongoing Weekly Remote Learning Tasks Including GPS
Week beginning 21st September 2020
Maths Activities
For sessions 4 and 5, have a go at playing some of the given games and then design and make your own linked to place value.
English Activities
In Year 5 we are visiting Forest School on 24.09.20
If you are working from home, please use the figurative language and vocabulary generated yesterday to write a poem about the weather.
Additional Activities
Week beginning 28th September 2020
Maths and English Activities
English Activities
Maths Activities
Additional Activities
Guided Reading

Sharing Examples of Remote Learning

If you would like to share examples of your remote learning with us, remember that your parent/car can email pieces of your work to the Year 5 email address (  

Additional Optional Year 5 Home Learning Tasks



You can explore the different Year 5 subjects on Bitesize:



 Learning By Questions (LBQ) 

In addition to this, we now have access to a free online resource which can be accessed at home via the following link:


Have fun with your home learning!

Year 5 Notices
Children & Family Support
What to do if you are worried about something when school is closed
The Year 5 Curriculum 2020-2021
Year 5 Curriculum Overview
Termly Plans
Forthcoming Events
Please see information below regarding a taster session at King's High...

Your daughter is invited to the King’s High Year 5 Taster Morning on Saturday 14 March 2020.  Please find a link to the event booking form below;

This event has always proven to be extremely popular and is a great opportunity for girls to attend a morning full of different workshops, hosted by our teachers, and to see our new school.  The morning will give an insight of what life at King's is like and the chance to meet and chat to other girls from different schools who are considering King's as their secondary school.  Parents are welcome to join the Head Master, Mr Nicholson, for refreshments prior to collecting their daughters.  We hope that you will agree that this will be a great opportunity for your girls.