Year 3

Year 3
Home Learning- 27th November
Please complete Adverbs- p 8-9 in the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book and mark with the answers in the back of the book.
Welcome back to school and welcome to the Year 3 team! 
We are hoping that we will be able to continue your learning with us in school, however if there is a situation that means you have to isolate at home for a while we will use this page to share learning tasks each week. 
Look below at the daily English and Maths tasks if you are working from home. please also remember to keep reading while away from school.  
Should you have any need to contact any of the Year 3 team directly please use the Year 3 email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For any urgent enquiries please contact the office as we will not be able to respond instantly to the Year 3 address. 
Working at home tasks 23.11.20 

Additional Optional Year 3 Home Learning Tasks


As you may be aware from the news, Bitesize have launched a daily lesson programme to support home learning during the summer term. 


If you would like additional activities to do at home, please click on the following link to access these.


Have fun with your home learning!

 Learning By Questions (LBQ) 

We now have access to a free online resource which can be accessed at home via the following link:


Have fun with your home learning!

Children & Family Support
What to do if you are worried about something when school is closed

Year 3 Suggested Summer Term Daily Timetable

 If you would like to follow a similar timetable to the one we follow in school, please find some suggested timings for your daily activities below.

Year 3 suggested daily activity timetable

Suggested daily duration of activity


Try to read non-fiction as well as fiction.

Around 30 minutes each day


You could follow the online Joe Wicks daily work out challenge if you want to on

Around 30 minutes each day


Use the spelling lists provided to practice your spelling and handwriting.

Around 20 – 30 minutes each day


Remember to read through your work and edit it to increase the accuracy of your spelling and punctuation.

Up to 1 hour


If you find it tricky, explore it on one of the suggested websites (e.g. Bitesize), or if you have understood it and completed it before the end of your daily maths session, go on a maths website to further your learning.

Up to 1 hour

Additional activity

Complete one of the given weekly activities (e.g. Topic or Science) or have a go at one of the topic linked extra tasks (see list of suggested activities in the ppt) or set yourself (and practise) a personal challenge. 



Please note that this is just a suggested timetable as we appreciate that this may be difficult for everyone to follow.  However, if possible, it would be most beneficial for the children to complete their daily English and Maths activity and to read.


Thank  you for your continued support.


As we are very pleased to hear how brilliantly you are doing with your home learning, we would like to award you with GEMS.  Therefore, we would like you to create a GEMS recording table (you could draw it in your home learning exercise book).  Each day you complete the daily Year 3 daily Maths and English activity on the website (or the learning set by your adults at home), you can reward yourself with 1 x GEMS.  If you do an additional activity, which has been either been set by school or home, you can award yourself with 1 x extra GEMS.


Happy home learning.


Example table below:







Week 1 (number of GEMS)






Week 2 (number of GEMS)






Useful learning resources that may help you. 
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Year 3 Curriculum Overview
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