Year 1

Welcome to Year 1's Virtual Classroom!
Here we are in the first term of Year 1! 
If you are self-isolating, and are feeling well enough to work, please find some activities/resources to help support you at home. 
Please remember that if you need to contact us, you can do so via the Year 1 email address ( and we will respond as soon as possible.
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The Year 1 Team
We would normally have a curriculum meeting at the beginning of the school year but can't do this for covid reasons. Here is the powerpoint we would normally talk through (with adaptations) which will hopefully answer any questions you may have. 
We are starting to teach the children pre cursive writing in Year 1. 
Pre-cursive handwriting is the transition between printing (unjoined) letters and joining all letters in cursive handwriting.
At school we follow the scheme of 'Letter Join'. 
This is a useful video which shows how to form the correct letter formation for the alphabet. 
We are currently revisiting phase 3 within our phonics lessons. 
Phase 3 Sounds
 j v w x y 
z qu ch sh th
ng ai ee igh oa 
oo (long) oo (short) ar or ur
ow oi ear air ur er 
Phase 3 Tricky Words
me be he my by
they she we are you
her all was said have
like so do some come
were there little one
when out what 
During a typical phonics lesson we recap all of the sounds from both 2 and 3. We introduce the new sound and practise the letter formation. Mr Thorne is a fantastic tool for teaching a new sound. He explains how to say and read the sounds in words too. The children love his pet girraffe Geraldine - lots of fun! 
To access Mr Thorne videos type into Youtube 'Mr Thorne' and the sound you wish to watch. 
Can you read the sound in words? Can you write 5 words with the sound in? Try and write a sentence. 
We enjoy playing games at the end of phonics lesson and often visit
There are some games which you can access at home, for free, to consolidate learning!! 
Guided Reading 
For guided reading we are acessing books online via the phonics bug website. This is a great way to read at home and has a bigger selection of books for your child to access. If you are unable to log on or find old details please email the Year 1 address and we will sort this for you. 
Reading at home is so important for your child. It supports their phonics and ability in English. If your child is too tired or reluctant to read - just enjoy talking about the story, characters and setting. What sounds can you find? Can you see any digraphs/trigraphs/tricky words?
For maths we follow Maths Mastery. While it's an excellent programme of study it is not easy to follow at home. They have adapted their programme for remote learning.
We are looking at addition and subtraction within 10 for the next two weeks. The children need to understand the 'story' behind the equation. I suggest looking at the Oak academy lessons for year
We will  then be moving onto shape 2d and 3d and pattern. Lessons can also be found on the same website
Our science is to look at the visible changes of the seasons so looking out for autumn and talking about what is happening and why. 
We are also talking about and learning the names of our body parts.