Year 6

Our Return to School
On Monday 1st June, the government allowed Year 6 children to return to their schools.  In Woodloes, we have worked on a 'recovery curriculum' where we have been discussing our feelings during lockdown and completed tasks on apects of safety and well-being.  We've had a great week reuniting with our friends and teachers; here's a selection of some of the work we have been doing this week...

 Learning By Questions (LBQ) 

We now have access to a free online resource which can be accessed at home via the following link:


Have fun with your home learning!

Children & Family Support
What to do if you are worried about something when school is closed
Please look at the 'discussions / chat' section of the VLE for class contact.  We would ideally like to hear from you all - just type a brief response to show you have read it.  Yes, this is accessible from your 'phones! :)
1. Click 'My Class' at the top of your page
2. Click on 'Chat' on the left hand side
3. Read the speech bubble from your teacher and respond in your speech bubble below


As we are very pleased to hear how brilliantly you are doing with your home learning, we would like to award you with GEMS.  Therefore, we would like you to create a GEMS recording table (you could draw it in your home learning exercise book).  Each day you complete the daily Year 6 daily Maths and English activity on the website (or the learning set by your adults at home), you can reward yourself with 1 x GEMS.  If you do an additional activity, which has been either been set by school or home, you can award yourself with 1 x extra GEMS.


Happy home learning.


Example table below:







Week 1 (number of GEMS)






Week 2 (number of GEMS)







Dear Parent/Carers,
To support pupils at Woodloes School with their mathematical learning, please find attached a letter showing how to register for 'Maths with Parents'.
This is an interactive website where your class teacher will assign you tasks for your child to complete with you.  There are videos and support on how to complete the task with your child/children.
Please log in using the details found on the letter and then await for tasks!
The first task will be launched on Tuesday 21st April.  This will give you time to register over the Easter break.
Please find attached 'FAQs for parents' to support you with this and if you have any further questions then please email ( the school and your queries will be forwarded.

Additional Task   year 5/6  year 3/4 statutory spellings

Using the Year 3/4 and 5/6 statutory spelling lists, can you create sentences with at least one word from each list?  For example: The strange  women were in a yacht competition.

Obviously, our sentences are boring; can you make them more exciting with: adverbials, subordinates (to open or within the sentence), expanded noun phrases or even turn sentences into correctly punctuated dialogue.  Think about what we have learnt in GPS sessions and incorporate this into your sentences.


Accelerated Reader

You are now able to quiz at home during school hours - we will be checking minutes at least once a week - please keep up your excellent comprehension skills that you've worked so hard to develop. 

Additional Optional Year 6 Home Learning Tasks


As you may be aware from the news, Bitesize have launched a daily lesson programme to support home learning during the summer term. 


If you would like additional activities to do at home, please click on the following link to access these.


Have fun with your home learning!

Year 6 Home Learning Gallery - week beginning 27/4/20
Enjoy browsing though the selection of photographs below, showing some of our home learning activities - aren't we a busy bunch!
Please keep sending us evidence of what you have been up to via the Year 6 email - save the photos as JPG and please keep to a maximum of four pictures so that everyone has a space to show.