Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Mrs Burnard, Mrs Khaira, Mrs Hood and the pupils would like to welcome you to the Year 6 page.
When you scroll through, you will find out about our topic themes and all the exciting things we get up to in our final year of primary school.

We can’t believe we’re already starting the second half of the Autumn Term! Our theme this half term is MEXICO.  Within this topic area we will be looking at where Mexico City can be located on a map and in which continent; climate figures and population figures in Mexico which both will be plotted on a graph.


In English lessons, we will be studying the life of Mexican artist, Frida Khalo – her life as a child and how her later disabilities affected her outlook on adult life. We will also be learning about earthquakes: the devastating effects they can have on an area and on people’s lives. 


In Science, Year 6 will be looking at inheritance, evolution and adaptation – how have we evolved as humans? How have animals adapted to their environments, and how will all living organisms adapt to climate changes and global warming? Have you inherited any mannerisms or characteristics from your family members? This is a really exciting insightful topic. 


Keep practicing your spellings and multiplication facts every week and remember to quiz on your reading book as soon as you’ve finished it.

The pupils have settled so well into the final year of their primary education.  They understand the high expectations in both academic and social areas, and are working hard to achieve their very best. 
Our topic theme for this half term is Dough!. This will cover areas involving money and bread making. 
In English, we will be reading the book Lunch Money by Andrew Clements, and the children's writing will involve both fictitious and factual elements, such as story extracts, research of currencies and a balanced argument. We will also be reading The Story of Money and the Money Mystery Pit in guided reading.  These sessions involve whole class discussions and have a focus on SATs style questions. Writing skills, including spellings, will be taught in GPVS sessions and children will be expected to then apply them in their writing.
In maths this half term, we will be focusing on number and formal calculations.  Children will be expected to read and write numbers up to 10 million; they will revise column methods for addition and subtraction, short and long multiplication, short division.  This learning will be followed up in CGP books for homework.
In science, we will be studying living things and their habitats and we will be researching significant people, such as Aristotle and his classification of  organisms, and comparing this to Linnaeus's theory. 
We look forward to meeting you all at our curriculum afternoon on Wednesday 25th September at 3:30pm in Class 6Bu.