We are one big unit that consists of two classes:
Class RE
Miss Evans (Class Teacher and EYFS Phase Leader)
Mrs Blunt (Teaching Assistant)
Class RH
Miss Hancox (Class Teacher)
Mrs Lowe (Teaching Assistant)
Every child deserves the best possible start to their school life and we provide them with the support to enable them to fulfil their potential. In the Early Years, we recognise the unique child who will learn to be strong and independent and develop positive relationships. Children learn and develop well in our enabling environment. At Woodloes, we are fortunate that our children can free flow in both the indoor and outdoor classrooms, accessing rich and stimulating experiences that cultivate their curiosity and unlock a love of learning.
Please enjoy taking a look at some of our fantastic experiences!
The children are enjoying applying the skills, that they have learnt during phonics lessons, into their reading and writing.
They are blending sounds to read as well as recognising tricky words ...
As well as reading, we are able to segment sounds in words to write simple sentences. We are even remembering to use correct letter formation, tricky words, finger spaces and full stops!
Fun Learning
As well as phonics and maths, we are busy, busy, busy involved and focused in lots of different fun and stimulating learning experiences ... 
Maths Mastery
The children have become maths magicians through being involved in daily Maths Mastery sessions!
The Autumn Term focuses on:
- recognising, describing and creating patterns
- numbers within 6
- adding and subtraction within 6
- measures
- shapes
- calendar and time
The Spring Term focuses on:
- numbers within 15 and then 20
- addition and subtraction within 10
- grouping and sharing
- doubling and halving
- counting in 2s, 5s, 10s
The Summer Term focuses on:
- shape and pattern
- addition and subtraction within 20
- money
- measures
- depth of numbers within 20
- numbers beyond 20
Take a look at some of our super learning ...
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