Keeping Well

A health and wellbeing update from your school nurse team
The Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing Service is still here to provide support even if this may be given in a different way to usual! 
Here's their latest newsletter with useful links, wellbeing advice and details of how you can get the help when you need it.  
Free Access to Fitter Future Fitness & Mindfuless Support
Available for Primary Schools & parents to support
learning through the school closures

SAS are excited to share free Fitter Future fitness & mindfulness resources with primary schools across the country. 

Fitter Future have shared access codes with SAS to share with schools to help with resources to support primary school learning. These codes are available for school staff or parents / guardians to use throughout the school closure period.
Fitter Future works to 
  • fight childhood obesity
  • improve pupil mental wellbeing
  • increase concentration
  • decrease behavioural issues

Passwords for Free Access

Username: reception             Password: reception
Username: year1                  Password: year1
Username: year2                  Password: year2
Username: year3                  Password: year3
Username: year4                  Password: year4
Username: year5                  Password: year5
Username: year6                  Password: year6

Easter Food Parcels
Woodloes Primary School would like to say a huge thank you to all at Messy Church, especially Stacey, for providing Easter food parcels for a number of our families. All of the parcels were received with thanks.Mrs Stevens, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Furlong enjoyed distributing these Easter treats and wishing our families a very happy Easter.