We are all so proud of the way our Woodloes community is getting through this truly unusual time and I would like us to mark this period in our history with art!
I would like us to create a mural on our school grounds using images of the things that have helped us through this.
What has helped you during lockdown? 
It might be your family, talking to a friend. exercise might be the thing you like to do each day, riding your bike, running, walking. It might be a family pet, doing jig saws. Learning a new skill like cooking or baking or knitting may be your passion.
I would like you to draw a picture of what is important to you at this time. It can be a sketch, coloured or in pencil. You could just write a word that sums this experience up for you. 'Resilience'  'laughter' 'sunshine' for example.
We will then take these images and include them in a large image that represents these times for us all. 
You can send me a photo of your drawings to the Year1 email address. Please put  'Art for Ms Valentine' in  subject box. Or you can post the artwork to us if you prefer. 
I really look forward to receiving your drawings!!