Year 4

St Lawrence CE Primary School - Year 4
If you are isolating at home and feel well enough to complete school work, you can find daily learning activities here.
If you have any questions, we can be contacted on the year 4 email and we will send a reply as soon as possible.
St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Homework

Year 4 Homework

Practise five new spellings several times each week in your homework book using the spellings strategies we use in school.

Continue to work on times tables up to 12x12, using your homework book to write them out.

Read your book at home 4 times a week for 15 minutes.

Complete set pages of CGP text books for homework and mark at home.

Autumn B Term Set Homework

Week 2 - CPG Determiners page 11&12

Times Tables workbook Week 9

If you would like to do some extra practice from the Times Tables book, you may also work through any of the following Autumn Workouts - 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

The Year 4 Curriculum
Year 4 Curriculum Overview
Termly Plans
Year 4 Home Learning | Adelaide Primary school

Year 4 Suggested Remote Learning Timetable

If you would like to follow a similar timetable to the one we follow in school, please refer to the suggested timings for each day’s activities in the table below:


Try to read both non-fiction books and fiction books.

about 30 minutes a day


Look at the tasks we are doing in school. When you are writing, remember to read your work carefully to check that all of your ideas make sense.

Also, check your spellings and punctuation are accurate.

up to about an hour a day


Complete the given tasks. If you find a task tricky, try looking at a website such as ‘Bitesize’ to help you.

Remember to also practise your times tables. You could play a game like ‘Hit the Button’ if you have access to a computer.

up to about an hour a day


Use the spelling strategies we use in school to practise your individual spellings.

about 20 minutes a day


You could try a Just Dance routine like Waka Waka or practise other sports skills like throwing and catching.

30 – 45 minutes a day

Other subjects

Have a look at some of the other tasks we are doing in school. You could also do some research about mountains and present your findings clearly. (E.g. as a poster or in a booklet)


Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November
Tuesday 17th November
Monday 16th November
Week beginning: Monday 9th November
Week beginning: Monday 9th November
Week beginning: Monday 9th November
PSHE, GPS and Science
Friday 6th November
Thursday 5th November
Wednesday 4th November
Tuesday 3rd November