Year 1

Welcome to Year 1's Virtual Classroom!
Well done to everyone who has been joining us on Teams. If you haven't yet please keep trying. We think the most important aspect of 'live lessons' is that the children can see their friends, albeit briefly. 
We have made a timetable for the week. Do what you can. We understand how tricky home learning is. There are hyperlinks to everything you need online to try and make this easier for you. The power points have voice overs so the children can be slightly more independent. We have chosen lessons from the Oak Academy to support Science and Geography. 
Please remember to use  email and not any others. This will help us make sure we don't miss any correspondence. And just a reminder will are still teaching children in the classroom so can not reply immediately. 
Kind regards,
The Year 1 Team
Home Learning W.B 11.1.21
We are starting to teach the children pre cursive writing in Year 1. 
Pre-cursive handwriting is the transition between printing (unjoined) letters and joining all letters in cursive handwriting.
At school we follow the scheme of 'Letter Join'. 
This is a useful video which shows how to form the correct letter formation for the alphabet.
 Please find below log in details for letter join. This should give you access to use resources and watch teacing videos from a computer or tablet device. 
Here are powerpoints to support the teaching of phonics from home. 

News Flash   Teach Your Monster to Read is free to download until Sunday!!

 You can get all three Teach Your Monster to Read games completely free in one app, from Tuesday January 12 to Sunday January 17. 

Once downloaded, there's nothing else to pay. No subscription, no in-app purchases and definitely no ads.

Please share this news with all teachers and parents you know, so that their kids can learn to read with our government-approved phonics and literacy games. They'll thank you for it! 

Psst... If your child is likely to play the app on more than one device, then sign up for a free account at first and create a player. You'll be given player login details which you can use to play across all devices.

Download your Teach Your Monster to Read app between Tuesday January 12 and Sunday January 17 2021:

Guided Reading 
For guided reading we are acessing books online via the phonics bug website. This is a great way to read at home and has a bigger selection of books for your child to access. If you are unable to log on or find old details please email the Year 1 address and we will sort this for you. 
Reading at home is so important for your child. It supports their phonics and ability in English. If your child is too tired or reluctant to read - just enjoy talking about the story, characters and setting. What sounds can you find? Can you see any digraphs/trigraphs/tricky words? -  You will need your username, password and the school code is garq 
Resources to support English at home. 
 In Maths we will still be following and adapting the scheme of Maths Mastery for our classroom/virtual teaching. This is a fantastic scheme of work with lots of brilliant resources to support learning with the use of manipulatives such as cubes, beadstrings, number lines, coins, counters and more. This however proves a bit of a tricky situation with remote learning and having access to these resources at home.
Oak Academy have daily lessons which follow the same scheme as Maths Mastery so we suggest you follow one of these a day. The link below will take you directly to the lessons focusing on time. 
This term we are beginning to look at time. This includes days of the week, months of the year, sequencing events, minutes and seconds, o'clock, half past and time problems. The Maths Mastery teaching powerpoint and resources will be available to access from the 11th January. 
We advise consolidating number knowledge to 20. Recognising and describing properties of 2D/3D shapes, addition/subtraction to 20, number bonds to 10/20, coins and their value, ordering numbers and doubling/halving.  Youtube is a brilliant resource for age appropriate songs for each of these units. Here are some games to support this. 
Online games:  
 For our topic this term we are learning about different animals and how we group and classify these. We will be exploring vertebrates and invertebrates, focusing mainly on fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will also be learning to identify and name a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 
This topic will be covered across the curriculum in subjects like art, design, music, science and English.