See for Miles 7/5/20

How far can you see?
Today, all I can see is the four walls of my room, or looking out of the window, I can see a few meters.  But hang on; if I look up, then I can see clouds (they are further away) and the Sun (that's a really long way, and too bright to look at for more than a glance). 
As long as there is a straight line between me and the thing I'm looking at, then I should be able to see it.  So, if I go high up a hill, then I will see more!
But there is a problem with getting up high where we live:  Millions of years ago (at the time of the dinosaurs) Warwickshire was the bottom of a sea.  All that water washing about over the land has made it quite flat with gentle rounded hills.  So there aren't that many high hills for us to go up:  Unless we make a special trip to a high place, we can't normally see much further than the nearest line of trees!
We are lucky though because there are two high places near Woodloes that we can get to easily.  One is a short walk, and the other is a long walk or a short cycle ride.  
I'm going to visit them both and make pictures to show you what to look for when you go to look. 
Well, that was a thirsty ride, I nearly ran out of water!  Don't forget to take a drink when you go!  The pictures above show you different things to look out for while you are up on the two hills.  There are directions for how to get there this week rather than a map, read them carefully and look for all the land marks on the way.
If you have some, you might want to take some binoculars or sports sights to help you spot things (but don't look at the sun through them).  If you haven't got binoculars, take a cardboard tube to look through, it won't magnify the view, but it cuts out light coming into your eye from the side, making everything look clearer. 
If you want a real challenge though, you could try walking all the way from the hill you climbed to the building or land mark that you spotted (to give you an idea, it takes about me about an hour to walk from Woodloes to the Gurdwara in Leamington, so take a drink and a snack with you!).
Being up high today made me think of a story, so I'll finish with that.
Happy view finding.
Keir Mitchell