Safeguarding Update 1

Safeguarding Pupils at Woodloes Primary School

I wanted to take this opportunity to draw attention to our child protection and safeguarding arrangements.  This is one of my key areas of responsibility. Indeed, as a school we recognise that while our primary aim is to help our pupils achieve to the very best of their ability, sometimes circumstances, either inside or outside of school, can affect their health and happiness, making it increasingly difficult for them to gain the most from their school experience.  In rare cases, pupils may be considered to be at risk of serious harm and on these occasions the school is obliged to intervene.


Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, which is available to download from our website, outlines our aims of providing a safe, secure environment for our pupils and of ensuring our pupils know that there are adults in school who are there to help them if they are worried about their safety or the safety of others. 


In order to meet these aims we have a number of staff who are designated safeguarding leads.  These are the key members of staff who pupils, parents, other staff members or anyone in the community can turn to if they have a safeguarding concern about one of our pupils.  Each of these individuals have received full training on how to deal with Child Protection concerns and will liaise closely with the pupil and their families, to deal with emerging issues sensitively and confidentially.  Those members of staff can be found here.


Sometimes it is necessary to refer a case to Children’s Social Care, if we feel that a pupil is at risk of serious harm.  On these rare occasions, we follow the Local Authority guidelines on how to make a referral.  This process is outlined in more detail on the Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Board website at Throughout the entire process we work closely with the pupil, their family and Children’s Social Care to help resolve the issues of concern.


Mrs S Stevens

Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)


Year 6


Year 6 learned about Physical and Mental Wellbeing including what wellbeing means, the link between physical and mental wellbeing and how to give advice to other young people who want to improve their mental wellbeing.


Year 6 watched Becky's story (click here to see the video) to learn about the features of a positive relationship are, how to get support if they find themselves in a negative relationship and how we can challenge or resist thoughts and behaviours that are harmful.


Pupils also explored the meaning and impact of bullying and cyberbullying by exploring appropriate ways of responding to hurtful or intimidating behaviour.


Finally, the year 6 pupils learned about relationship boundaries. They watched 'Alright Charlie' (click here to see the video) which supports teaching about the importance of e safety, the term grooming and how to recognise the signs of potential situations of grooming and ways to prevent it happening.