Primary School Admissions

We are required to inform you that we consulted on the admission arrangements for 2019/20 for Woodloes Primary School in order to conform to requirements outlined by the Department for Education which says that all schools must consult on their admission arrangements every seven years.  There are no changes to previous years' admissions arrangements.
We are required by the Department for Education to consult on our admission arrangements for 8 weeks.  Our consultation period ran from 13th November 2017 to 8th January 2018 inclusive.  We invited any comments or queries regarding this proposal to be addressed by email to

The governing body of Woodloes Primary School applies the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend this school.  We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.  The arrangements for admission to the Reception Year are provided to parents/carers in the Warwickshire County Council booklet 'Admission Arrangements for Community and Cont rolled Schools'. A copy can be obtained from:

School Admissions Service
Saltisford Office Park
Ansell Way
CV34 4UL

Tel: 01926 742037

The closing date for on-time applications is 15th January 2021
Parents/carers are encouraged to apply online at:

Alternatively, the School Admissions Service can be called on the number above.  Parents/carers are able to make up to 6 school preferences and they will be allocated a school based on the published criteria included within the above-mentioned booklet. Places for 2021 will be offered on 16th April 2021. All applications will be treated on merit and in a sensitive manner.  The only restriction we place on entry is that of number.  If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, the criteria set out below will be enforced to determine whether a child is accepted or not.  It is our wish to allow parents the right to have a place at the school of their choice.  However, this is not always possible, due to the excess demand on the school places available.

The level of ability of a child or any special needs that's/he may have plays no part in the admissions policy of this school.

Admission criteria in order of priority are:

  • Children living in the priority area given in the area booklet (Woodloes Estate) who have a brother or sister at the school in the Autumn Term.
  • Other children living in the priority area given in the area booklet.
  • Children from outside the priority area who have a brother or sister at the school in the Autumn Term.
  • Other children from outside the priority area.

In all cases, decisions are based on the distance between home and school by the shortest walking route, with priority going to those living nearest the school. This may apply equally to those living outside the authority boundaries.


If a child is refused admission to the school the parents have formal rights of appeal. Details may be obtained from the admission service.