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Saving water this summer with Severn Trent
Did you know...?
OVID-19 has had an impact on all of our lives, and with more of us at home it’s also changed how we all use water. This, combined with the warm, dry weather (it was the hottest May on record for many parts of our region) means we’re using more water than ever before – 40% more than normal in some areas.
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Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Home Learning Activities
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Can you write down your own bed time routine and list all of the things you need to check before you go to bed? This video will help you learn what you can do as part of a good bed time routine. You can display your routine poster at home to follow every evening before bed.  This can be done on paper and you can colour it in to make it stand out and to remind everyone in your home to ensure it has been completed. You can take a photo of your Bed time routine and send it to
Smoke alarms save lives, buy it, fit it, test it
Online courses for parents

Warwickshire County Council is providing free online courses for parents. Want to know more about the way your teenager’s brain works? Want to understand more about your child? These are tried and tested courses created in the NHS.

Go to, select which course you are interested in and use the access code BEAR.