Minibeasts and Orienteering 2/4/20


Forest School Mr. Mitchell here!

So, what shall we do this week while we are out for our fresh air and exercise?

I've been digging in my garden and, while I was out there, I met a friend. 

No, not a human friend (we've still got to keep two metres away from them). 

This friend was an animal; an animal with super-powers of poisoning and weaving and geometry. 

 Download the map and instructions for getting the code below:
In case you missed it left the video about how to keep everyone safe while you are out and about in the street or in the park is below:
Wasn't it amazing how those spiders made their webs! 
Perhaps you could copy the spiders and make some webs with string or cotton at the edge of your garden (not where people walk though, don't want to trap your Mum in a web).
If you do, you could wow your teachers by labeling and sending them pictures of the shapes that the threads make;  triangles, kites and trapeziums!
It will take a lot of patience, but you've got a lot of patience!
Don't forget you can write me a letter or e-mail, particularly if you have got questions ideas or good things to show or tell me (details below).
See you next week!
Keir Mitchell