Geocache Treasure Hunt 21/05/20

Good afternoon everyone!
Today I have seen some really interesting sights:
I've seen a hare (not a little rabbit, and great big hare, nearly as big as a suitcase) loping across the fields on my way to school; 
I've seen tiny fluffy willow seeds blowing off of the willow trees behind the school and falling so thickly on the ground that they look like snow; 
I've seen magpie fledgling (one that has just left the nest); and best of all...
While I was walking through our forest school I came face to face with a fox!  I stood very still and she looked at me, tilted her head, as if she was working out whether to be scared or not and calmly walked away.
Seeing all those special things made me think; 'am I really lucky today or have I just been really good at looking?' and that reminded me of a story...
I think I saw those interesting things because I was looking carefully and noticed things that were different; a funny shaped animal that wasn't a deer or a dog (the hare), a funny looking black bird (that turned out to be the magpie fledgling), a flash of movement as I walked through forest school (which turned out to be the fox).
So the game I have set up for you today is about looking really carefully.  You'll be looking for these containers:
And this is how you play the game:
  1. Download or print the map below.
  2. Get a pencil.
  3. Search the areas shaded green on the map until you find a Geocache container (remember to stay two metres away from anyone that you meet).
  4. Open the container (you might need an adult to help you).
  5. Read the messages on the card inside.
  6. If you want to; add the date and a message to the card.  Your message can be as simple as "hello" or as complicated as a poem.  If you are going to visit all three geocaches, why not think of a joke and write one bit of the joke in each container.
  7. Put the lid carefully back on the container and put it back in exactly the place where you found it.
  8. When you get home, wash your hands. 
If you enjoy the geocache game, tell me through your year group e-mail and I can set some more up (perhaps we could even set up a school geocache club).
Keir Mitchell