Forest School and Outdoor Activities

Welcome back!

Are you ready for some more lockdown forest school sessions? I hope so!

There will be three activities posted here between now and half term. They are all outdoor treasure hunt activities that are based in Warwick and you can do them as part of your daily excercise.

They are built around the current topics for years 4, 5,and 6 but anyone can do them with a bit of help from their Mum, Dad or whoever is looking after you. Doing them now won’t spoil the topics when you get to year 4, 5, or 6 either because they are special lockdown activities that add to our normal curriculum.

The activities are all designed to be downloaded as .pdf files to a phone or tablet so that you don’t have to use up paper and ink printing them out, or use up mobile data allowances while you atre on the walk. You may need a pen and paper too, particularly for the first one.

The first activity is associated with the Year 6 Victorians Topic: It is a long walk and you might want to do it over two days (more if you have small legs). As you find the features you will build up a picture of how Victorian things differ from later parts of the town.

Because the treasure hunts are meant to be done on foot the maps show the footpaths and roads around Warwick in white; so don’t expect to follow the map in a car! The busiest roads are shown in red, please be extra careful when you come to these.

If you get very lost, compare the map to a google map to re-orientate yourself.

The sessions from last year are still here on the website too if you missed them, but read carefully before you, for instance, try to find ‘Late Spring Flowers’ in February.

Dont’ forget to keep your social distance from members of the public and it is Winter, so please dress up warm and water proof for your walk.

Mr Mitchell.

NEW Victorian Treasure Hunt (any time of year) NEW
Magnification (any time of year)  
See for Miles (best in winter and early spring) 
Foul Weather Friends (mild rainy days) 

Garden Archaeology (any time of year)