2021 Vikings: Spying on Warwick

Welcome Year 4!  Welcome other year groups too!
This is an Interactive Story-Walk;  you will need to make decisions about where you go as you try to find out more about the new defences the Anglo-Saxons  are building around Warwick in the year 914.  The map, story and instructions are all part of the document below.    
The idea is that you:
  1. Understand more about Anglo Saxon and Viking times; and
  2. Understand more about how Warwick has changed in the 1000 years since it was founded; and
  3. Practice finding locations on a map; and
  4. Get some excercise.
You start by reading the the first part of the story and making a decision.  The story will tell you where to go from there. 
So download the document below, dress up warm (ideally like a Viking!) get started and enjoy yourselves!
Stay safe!
Keir Mitchell