2021 Victorian Treasure Hunt

Welcome Y6!  Welcome other years!
The instructions, treasure sheets and map for the Victorian Treasure Hunt are all part of the document below.
The idea is that you:
  1. Learn about the Victorians; and
  2. Learn how to follow a map; and 
  3. Use your powers of observation to seach the locations and match the pictures with the Victorian features; and 
  4. Put the clues together to work out which features are Victorian; and
  5. Get some excercise.
Two of the locations on the map have more than one feature in their area; keep your eyes peeled and search hard.
So download the document below, decide where you want to visit first, dress up warm and enjoy yourselves!
Finally you will want to have a good look at this 1887 Map of Warwick, it gives you lots and lots of extra clues, but you have to study it hard.
Stay safe!
Keir Mitchell