2021 Space Walk

Welcome Year 5!  Welcome other year groups too!
This treasure hunt is all about our Solar System and the nearest stars.  The map and instructions are all part of the document below.    
The idea is that you:
  1. Get an idea of how vast the space is; and
  2. Get to know the planets and our nearest stars; and
  3. Practice reading a route on a map; and
  4. Get some excercise.
You start at school, where you will find the whole solar system shrunk down to the length of the fence around the outside of the school field. 
We then have to shrink the whole solar system to about the size of a piece of paper so that you can walk to the nearest stars which will be marked with little signs on the route shown in red on the map.
NOTE: Please be aware that, in a very slight change from the map, I have had to put the markers for Sirius and Lalande are on the same side of the road as St. Nicholas Park; do use the crossing by the church. 
So download the document below, dress up warm and make your way to school, get started and enjoy yourselves!
It will be cleared away just before half term, so you have a few days to complete the activity.
Stay safe!
Keir Mitchell