Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Mrs Burnard, Miss List, Mrs Hood, Mrs Bass and the pupils would like to welcome you to the Year 6 page.
When you scroll through, you will find out about our topic themes and all the exciting things we get up to in our final year of primary school.

We’re kicking off the Autumn Term in Year 6 with our topic ‘Dough’. As the children already know, this topic will involve researching, tasting, designing and creating bread products, however they also know that dough is a slang word for money!


We are very excited in Year 6, to be creating comics just like Greg Kenton, the main character in Andrew Clements’ book Lunch Money, and to be writing adventure and mystery stories based on ideas from Eric Walters’ book The Money Pit Mystery.


In addition to this, we will be researching varieties of bread products, collecting data from our year group, presenting this in different ways and calculating weights and costs of the ingredients needed for our bread recipes. We will be drawing timelines to show the history of money; examining different currencies of the world, and how they have developed globally.


Although we have a busy time ahead of us, the children in Year 6 are looking forward to all the responsibilities of being part of the Year 6 team.