Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Mrs Barlow, Mrs Burnard, Mrs Haycock, Mrs Hood and the pupils would like to welcome you to the Year 6 page.
When you scroll through, you will find out about our topic themes and all the exciting things we get up to in our final year of primary school.

Summer Term 1


Our topic theme for the first half of the Summer Term will be 'Rainforests'.  We will be studying locations of different rainforests, comparing temperatures and precipitation, writing fact sheets and creating our own species to have a rainforest as its habitat.  The children have already created some impressive 3D models of rainforests or animals for their homework.


Mrs Burnard and Mrs Barlow were so proud of the way every Year 6 pupil conducted themselves during SATs week.  The children have work hard, were calm and showed respect to their peers, demonstrating excellent British Values. Their manners were impeccable during breakfast club and the children agreed that this was the perfect way to begin each day.

First Half of Spring Term
Our first half of Spring Term topic theme is called Past and Present, with a main focus on the British Monarchy.  We will be looking at the organisation and subject specific vocabulary that is appropriate for non-chronological reports, biographies and autobiographies and we be carrying our research using books and the internet to help us with relevant content.  In art, we have had fun creating enlarged Penny Black stamps with our silhouettes; you can see them displayed around the Year 6 learning area. The Year 6 team are already impressed with some of the long term homework, also displayed in the Year 6 learning area: 3D models, portraits, new laws and fact sheets are just some of the fantastic work produced. 

Anti-bullying Week


In Year 6, we have been discussing the term 'bullying' and its definition.  Today, we watched a thought-provoking video clip called 'How can you be a Good Friend?'.  Take a look at our Friendship Tree photographs below to see how Year 6 can be a good friend to everyone. 

Upper Phase enjoy weekly sessions of Fun, Friendly, Fitness Fridays!

Year 6 have impressed Mrs Barlow and Mrs Burnard with their perseverance and dedication to all their work.